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Goat’s cheese

Maud takes care of the goats and make the certified organic cheeses, following her parents, who have been there since 2003.

The farm currently includes 20 dairy goats and their babies, of the Savoie breed. They all have their little names and their well-marked characters !

The milking is done every morning, followed by the transformation of the fresh milk into so-called “lactic” cheeses. Small raw milk cheeses, to be enjoyed at all stages of production : fresh, semi-dry or dry !

In spring and summer, Maud also offers special cheeses: fresh with wild garlic, and semi-dry smoked.

You can find our cheeses:

  • Direct sale at the farm every day, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

La Ferme des Maziers

490 route des Maziers


  • via les AMAPS de Nizerel, Tournus et Châlon sur Saône (71)
  • Chez l’ Abeille Maraichère à Orbagna (39)